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At New Freedom Tax Relief, we believe that peace of mind is the best thing someone can get when dealing with tax and debt issues. Our goal is not only to help you pay the least amount of tax debt legally possible but also to give you the confidence that everything we do will be accurate. We have a team of experienced Enrolled Agents and are licensed in all 50 states. When you need help with your IRS tax debt, we’re here to help!

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  • Do you have unfiled tax returns?
  • Does the IRS say you owe them over $10,000?
  • Has the IRS levied your bank account or garnished your wages?
  • What if you can’t pay the IRS?
  • Are you worried about the IRS putting you in jail or taking your property?

If you said yes to any of these questions, call our office and talk to one of our tax strategists at New Freedom Tax Relief and LBS Tax. We will analyze your tax situation over the phone and give you a preliminary recommendation of what we might be able to do. We will represent you before the IRS only if we are convinced that we can solve your problem fairly.Local Tax Relief Services

Don’t go to one of the national companies where they push out paperwork without discussing with you whether you even qualify for an offer in compromise (OIC). Their untrained paper-pushers charge you a small fortune just for you to find out you never qualified. The IRS is so frustrated with the national firms because they not only take advantage of people, but those people still end up owing the IRS!

We are tax strategists, which means we work on creating a plan of action to help you pay the least amount of taxes legally. It’s not easy, and it often requires research. Luckily, we understand the ins and outs of taxes. You can try to do this on your own, but most often, the results aren’t ideal. We commonly hear from people who tried to work with the IRS but realized they couldn’t afford the established payment, or the IRS has charged them with even more money owed.

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Steven and his wife, Ann, owed the IRS $64,000, which should have been discharged in bankruptcy. When Steven called the IRS to set up a payment plan, they responded with a plan for $1100 a month payments. We were able to assist him in updating his vehicles, which were over 12 years old. We started making estimated tax payments and reduced the amount he owed to the IRS to $64 a month.

Billy lost his job, his house, and his wife in a divorce. He owed the IRS $36,000, and they wanted payments of $500 a month from him. The IRS settled for $300 in total.

Cheryl’s husband had a secret gambling issue that was causing a serious tax problem to grow. Without her knowledge, he pulled all the money out of his retirement savings. Even with the gambling wins, she would have owed the IRS $50,000. Because she came to New Freedom Tax Relief first, we developed a strategy where she paid nothing on that tax debt. She had inherited money from her mom, and she could keep it.

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